The beauty of animal motifs in Jewellery is many-layered. Not only are they a huge rage and tending big these days, these motifs also have deep symbolic meaning traditionally. At Blue Turban we have drawn extensively from nature and animals too as they are considered an extension of nature and said to be bestowed with magical powers and named scared. What is really fascinating is how the attributes of these creatures have been studied by the ‘Kaarigars’ in detail and these very characteristics and quintessence has been imbibed in these gold-plated silver jewelry pieces by Blue Turban.

So it is believed that the wearer will also be bestowed with these inherent traits. As we narrate you the symbolism behind each animal motif, now you know the secret and will know what to choose while picking out your jewelry pieces at Blue turban.

1. Swan : The ‘Vahana’ of Goddess Saraswati and Lord Bramha, these beautiful, gentle creatures foremost represent the creativity, spirituality, and eternal love.ev7c1264These gold-plated, silver swan earrings by Blue Turban detailed in pearls and semi-precious             stones bring out the inherent subtlety of love and grace that this placid creature signifies.

2. Fish : The tale of the incarnation of the first avatar of Lord Vishnu called the ‘Matsya’     or the fish is often depicted in Indian arts and Jewelry. It is one of the eight auspicious         symbols, signifying abundance, rebirth, and Continuity of life.


These gold-plated, silver earrings by Blue Turban detailed in pearls and semi-precious stones           and the fish carved out in green onyx represent abundance.3. 

3. Lions : The king of the jungle known for its strength has been a symbol of strength, courage, and sovereignty from time immemorial. Regal and stately in appearance, often an insignia of Royalty and clan, the majesty of the lion is undeniable.


These gold-plated, silver Lion buttons by Blue Turban, a set of 7 for men are detailed in semi-precious stones denote valor and royalty.

4. Peacock : Peacock the national bird of India, known to spread its bedecked plumage at the start of the monsoon, praised incessantly in Indian literature, this beautiful bird symbolizes immortality and blossoming of love, beauty, fertility, and resurrection.


These gold-plated, peacock silver earrings by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones and dangling pearl speak of love, beauty, and fertility.

5. Owl : represents the consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu. A creature which can rotate its neck 270 degrees and stay awake at night, it is said to be a knower of all and a very wise being indeed.


This gold-plated, silver brooch of an owl by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones represents deep wisdom.

6. Horse : The ‘Vahana’ of the ‘Surya dev’, or the sun god, horses in Hindu mythology are perhaps most written about creatures. Symbolizing bravery, victory, wisdom, royalty and loyalty, these creatures are as majestic as they are beautiful.


This gold-plated, silver bangles festooned with 3 D horses by Blue Turban represents bravery and royalty.

7. Parrot : In Hindu mythology, the parrot called ‘Suka’ is associated with Lord Kama and Rati, the gods of love. Parrot thus symbolizes fertility and desire.


This gold-plated, silver bangle in Jaali work and parrots motif by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones, pearls, and Jaali work represents auspiciousness and marital happiness.

8. Elephants :stand for strength, visibility, calmness, and gentleness. In mythology, Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles is shown as an elephant. The bringer of prosperity is linked to royalty, power, might, abundance, richness, and fertility.


These gold-plated, silver ear cuffs of elephant motifs on textured triangles detailed in semi-precious stones, represent strength, royalty, and wisdom.

9. Camel : A symbol of the Thar desert and Rajasthan , these wonderful creatures store water in their humps and can go on without water for a considerably long time. They have been known to be gentle creatures, very loyal they symbolize perseverance and endurance.


 This gold-plated, silver buttons (a set of 7) depicting the camel represents endurance and luck.

 10. Unicorn : Not found in the Hindu mythology, this new entrant described graphically in Harappan seals, greek fairytales, and folklores of the west depicts, purity, innocence, magic, and wishes.


 This gold-plated, silver brooch depicting the unicorn detailed in semi-precious stones represents magical power, benevolence, purity and manifesting desires.

 So take your pick guys, wear it as a totem of luck or to make a statement, these beautifully handcrafted pieces of jewellery come with their added bit of magic.