One of the most interesting things about India has been how it incorporated science into everyday living, religious practices, and even food habits. Be it Ayurveda or Unani, they have seamlessly blended into our lives as everyday practices and rituals.
Same is the case with Jewelry, it’s not merely for adornment. Every piece of jewelry corresponds to an acupressure point or energy Chakras in the body, thereby keeping overall balance and wellness in the body of the wearer. While pure silver jewelry connects one to earth energy and cools the body down, gold jewelry directly connects to the higher aura, energy, and vibration.
In Ayurveda in certain ailments, one is prescribed gold or silver bhasma in case the body is deficient. Wearing these beautiful and precious metals also takes care of body immunity to quite an extent.
In the case of Gold-plated silver jewelry, one gets the benefit of both. The extensive and beautiful designs which in pure gold become unaffordable are intricately and ornately detailed in silver craftsmanship.Also, the gold plating keep the luster and brightness of the Jewelry ever new which in case of silver jewelry dulls over time and needs constant repolishing
We will now take you into the wonderful world of jewelry pieces we adorn ourselves with and the incredible scientific health benefits of wearing them.
1. Maangteeka: This piece of jewelry corresponds to the location of Ajna Chakra/ Third eye Chakra in the body and keeps the mind tranquil, cool and calm.


This gold-plated, silver Maangteeka by Blue Turban have been detailed with embossed ghungroo beads.

2. Earring: The acupressure point at the lower end of the ear is for increasing memory, the mid part for increasing hearing power and the top part regularizes female hormones along with increasing intelligence.


These gold-plated, silver square earrings by Blue Turban have been detailed with Taweez Chain.

3. Nose Ring: This acupressure point and thus the jewelry increase fertility in women as the nerves from this point of the nose are attached to the female reproductive organ. It is also said to ease childbirth.


This gold-plated, silver nose ring or ‘nath’ by Blue Turban has been detailed with hanging Jhumkas and Chand.

4. Necklace: This affects the Vishhudhi or throat Chakra and Anahata or Heart Chakra and thus increases confidence and compassion of the wearer. It also strengthens the spine.


This gold-plated, silver ‘Hansli’ necklace by Blue Turban have been detailed in lotus Jaali.

5. Bangle: Wearing bangles increases blood circulation, improves fertility, lowers anger, & chances of getting heart diseases. It generates positive, uplifting sound & energy and the circular shape of the bangle doesn’t let this energy escape and keeps it with the wearer.


This gold-plated, silver bangles by Blue Turban have been detailed in 3D festooned horses.

6. Ring: The small finger acupressure point relieves stress and ring finger is for love and confidence.


This gold-plated, silver ring by Blue Turban have been detailed in exquisite embossing and hanging Ghungroos.

7. Anklet: wearing Anklets improve the womb, reproductive system, stomach, liver, and the feet.


These gold-plated, silver anklets earrings by Blue Turban have been detailed in red floral motifs and pearl droplets.

Beauty with benefits! Now you know, ornaments not only adorn and enhance your natural appeal but also help in overall wellbeing and health. So go wear it to your heart’s content. This is an awesome excuse indeed. 😀