At Blue Turban, we are all for decoding your lady love and what makes them tick. Understanding them & sealing the deal with just the right ring makes all the difference. Listen up men, women are all heart & science rolled into one, there is a method to their quirkiness & not at all random as you may like to believe. We take you Zodiac-sign by sign to tell you just the perfect ring to match the perfect temperament.

Pisces: Oneness & mysticism: Piscean women are all about the cosmos, souls, rebirths, the universe and oneness in love. How two soul mates merge together to become one. Hopelessly sweet & romantics as they are, they are also an equally mystical sign. Their love is one which brings deep contentment, peace and creativity in their own & of their loved one.

This gold-plated silver round ring by Blue Turban with exquisite embossing and hanging ghungroos to be worn in two fingers which unify to become one is an ideal gift for your Piscean. Your dainty Piscean will be so moved that you understand the beautiful universe that she carries within her that you are guaranteed a soul a touching timeless romance, love poems, handmade gifts and a mind blowing lifelong connection with her.

Aries: Bright & Fiery Aspirations: These gals make write their own destiny. Known for their leadership skills and literally flying high on their own merit, these fiery balls of women stand out as the brightest of the lots. In-between attending CEO-level meetings, becoming the prime minister of the country and their inherent creativity, they will fill their life and that of their loved ones with a lot of love and prosperity wanting only love in return. These women literally create empires & fiefdoms.

With this gold-plated silver ring with a motif of a bird sitting under jhumkas by Blue Turban which feels like a family mansion will convey to her just how clearly you understand her and all that she cherishes & works hard for.

Taurus: Luxurious pleasures: Taureans love sensuality and touch. A deeply intimate sign, they see the details in every big picture that other people miss out on. Very keen observers, not a thing escapes their attention when it comes to their love. They understand that the god is in the detail. A very generous sign, they love all things beautiful & luxurious. A connoisseur of art & creativity, they are always perfectly turned out with not a stitch out of place.

Take them to operas, art exhibitions & plays or better still give them this gold-plated silver door motif ring with pearl hangings by Blue Turban to open all the doors to her heart.

Cancer: Commitment: Silent water runs deep was perhaps an adage written for a cancerain women. A very sensitive sign, they are very hard working women and appreciate the same ambition and principles in their man. They have the 6th sense to see through & cut through hogwash and straight away spot the most essential bit in their lives, work and love. No pretension is ever needed with her but absolute authenticity is what will get you close to her heart. Say it only if you mean it. And if you give your word, you better be prepared to keep it.

Loves her family and treats them like gods on earth, this one rock solid, gold plated silver embossed ring by Blue Turban spells out commitment to her and sharing of those same values. In her, you have a partner for life who will equal your every step.

Leo: Band Baaja Baarat: Leo women are all about keeping it big. Not one, not two, she will need the whole bandwagon. Deeply passionate creatures, their love for big and beautiful actually comes from being extremely open and intensely loyal in their relationships. They have no secrets and expect the same openness from their man. You have got to woo and serenade this lady love with love sonnets, big declarations of love & something larger than life & yes tons of attention.

This magnificent gold plated silver two-finger-ring with hanging jhumkis by Blue turban will take you all the way with her. Never a dull moment with one!

Libra: The balancing act: One of the most level-headed & balanced signs of the Zodiac, these women are all about balance and equanimity. How to ride your passions without letting them overturn you is that difficult art of balancing which takes people lifetimes to master is something these women are naturally born with. A voice of reason in all situations, these gentle creatures are as strong & speak up for their causes without causing any drama. They stay in the present standing firmly between the past & the future.

To give her this gold-plated silver ring with 2 pearls on either side of Jali work by Blue Turban is a symbol of just that. Effortless poise at all times.

Now that we have deciphered your lady love for you & how to win her heart with just the right bit, go ahead waste no time.Whether you are proposing to her or just making a declaration of your love with a thoughtful gift, we have you completely covered. ❤