There are millions of way to protect and celebrate nature, and one of them is to get inspired by them or even wear them on your skin to realize their beauty in this world. Keeping this in mind, we designed some pieces that are inspired by nature and ts beauty and greenness at its best, here are some of them for you to grab right now !

  1. Lotus Bangle

    Symbolic of purity of speech and mind, lotus is the National Flower of India ! Inspired by its beauty & integrity, this bangle has been designed with lotus motifs as the most important elements as a tribute to our national flower that can be worn around the wrist forever :)

    2. Flowers in the feet
    Anklets are traditional, bold and tell everyone beforehand that you are making your entry now 😉 And when these anklets are laced with delicate flowers, it makes you feel closer to the mother earth and nature 🙂

    3. Smell the greens

    This is close to nature as your sense of smell can get ;)

    4.  The Ring of Green

    This looks like these two little birds are protecting our green planet isn’t it? Don’t you want to adorn these adorable beings right away !!

    5. Dear Ear

    Hello ears, would you mind if I place two gorgeous floral stud earrings on you ? I know you would love them.

    Happy World Environment Day 🙂