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Shimmer the Summer with Mix & Match Style at Blue Turban

Summers are here and the best thing that gets us through the soaring temperature and unbearable heat is our tryst with fashion in this season ! Let us admit that there is no season that allows us to play with style, colors, fashion and jewellery like summers. So let’s begin our game as Blue Turban brings to you some trendy mix and match ideas to shimmer the summer ūüôā

Casual Lunch

It’s a regular afternoon and you have planned a lunch with your long lost friend or the one in town you need to catch up with. No problem ! Just put on a breezy floral dress and pair it up with these¬†animal-motif silver fish earrings and you are ready to look stylish with the minimum effort.

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Shopping Spree

You need more clothes, more shoes and you want to head out for a shopping spree on a beautiful day. Confused as to what to wear ? Pull out the mustard off shoulder with comfy striped trousers and style it perfectly with the trendy silver choker by Blue Turban.

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We will be bringing in shimmery summer jewellery trends to keep your days brighter. Follow us on Facebook –¬†¬†and browse through more designs by visiting¬†¬†!

Pining, Poetry & Peacocks with Blue Turban

This love is the rose that blooms forever. Hear the blessings dropping their blossoms around you.

The inseparable lovers that are these yearning peacocks, we take you through the tale of these mystical, magical creatures and share the inspiration behind the many gold-plated silver Peacock¬†Jewelry by Blue Turban. A¬†symbol of poetry, nature & love, their dance as well as their pensive yearning, is their constant dialogue with their lover.We explore the stages of love through these flowery winged magicians & verses of the esoteric Jalaluddin Rumi’s.

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?‚ÄĚ

1. The Nascent love:¬†It is those stolen unseen glances, unexplained your heart grows fonder at merely their sight. As¬†they smile shyly,¬†the rose kissed hue on your cheeks does not remain unseen. Like a secret seeping out from your heart, it pours out in the open bit by bit.Not completely unearthed, it is growing bit by bit.It’s a beautiful, blissful time full of wonder.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
  I started looking for you, not knowing
  how blind that was.
¬† Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
¬† They’re in each other all along.‚ÄĚ – Rumi


This gold-plated silver half dome earrings with carved peacock by Blue Turban conveys just that stage of new, shy love, growing in the womb. Always present but yet to be discovered.

2. Dance of love:¬†It’s a tango, you were already complete, yet you find yourself so incomplete without them. Like two pieces of a puzzle which make sense only when they come together.It’s a celebration, everything is. The walking together, the holding hands, the laughter, the food we share, the sleeping, the fighting together. It is all just a dance. A dance to draw us in closer. Inseparable and fused.

“When I am with you, we stay up all night.
When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep.
Praise God for those two insomnias!
And the difference between them.‚ÄĚ – Rumi


This Gold plated silver earrings with double domed peacocks decorated with green onyx by Blue Turban show the lovers conjoined together. Merging into one, the dance of love, the celebration of finding the missing half.

3. Separation / The Angst: As fate plays its hand, the wounded, heartbroken Peacock is separated from its beloved. As the two lovers part and go into silence, pensive and lovelorn.¬†The painful¬†unmerge happened the very next moment after the¬†merge. The peacock no longer recognizes the self. “You took parts of me & left parts of you”. Who am I, who are? Are you me and me you?

¬†“Your body is away from me
 but there is a window open
¬†from my heart to yours.”

 From this window, like the moon
 I keep sending news secretly.

“silence is the language of god,
¬†all else is poor translation.‚Ä̬†– Rumi¬† ¬† ¬†¬†bt-earings

This Gold plated silver nath decorated with peacock in white hue by Blue Turban

4. Waiting & yearning / The Faith / The Pining : As the peacock pines for its beloved, gently healing the hurt to be whole. An unlikely friend, faith attired in white, makes an appearance and embraces the peacock by its soul.

‚ÄúThe wound is the place where the Light enters you. I will be waiting here….
For your silence to break,
For your soul to shake,
For your love to wake!‚Ä̬†– Rumi


This Gold plated silver hoop earrings beautified with peacock motifs and dangling pearls by Blue Turban¬†shows the resilience of the Peacock’s faith. Alone but not lonely, in deep prayer to the divine, praying to be united with whom the Peacock saw the divine in.

The gods finally hear the wounded peacock, in time for-

5. The Divine Union: As the Peacocks unite unfold their feathers:

The shy and dreamy peacock now joyous at the union after all the waiting tells its beloved
¬†“With the Beloved’s water of life, no illness remains
¬†In the Beloved’s rose garden of union, no thorn remains.
 They say there is a window from one heart to another
¬†How can there be a window where no wall remains”¬†– Rumi


This Gold plated silver long earrings with peacock ending jhumka¬†by Blue Turban¬†show that when the rain-bearing clouds embrace their beloved lovelorn scorched earth, it’s sole witness, the reunited lovelorn peacocks immersed in love and gratitude bowed their heads and their feathers up into a prayer to the divine.

and finally –

6. We are the world: The dance of the cosmos – you dance because, every bit of the universe dances with you.

‚ÄúDance, when you’re broken open.
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance when you’re perfectly free.‚Ä̬†– Rumi


Blue Turban’s ‘Put a Ring on it for Zodiac Signs’- I

At Blue Turban, we are all for decoding your lady love and what makes them tick. Understanding them & sealing the deal with just the right ring makes all the difference. Listen up men, women are all heart & science rolled into one, there is a method to their quirkiness & not at all random as you may like to believe. We take you Zodiac-sign by sign to tell you just the perfect ring to match the perfect temperament.

Pisces: Oneness & mysticism: Piscean women are all about the cosmos, souls, rebirths, the universe and oneness in love. How two soul mates merge together to become one. Hopelessly sweet & romantics as they are, they are also an equally mystical sign. Their love is one which brings deep contentment, peace and creativity in their own & of their loved one.

This gold-plated silver round ring by Blue Turban with exquisite embossing and hanging ghungroos to be worn in two fingers which unify to become one is an ideal gift for your Piscean. Your dainty Piscean will be so moved that you understand the beautiful universe that she carries within her that you are guaranteed a soul a touching timeless romance, love poems, handmade gifts and a mind blowing lifelong connection with her.

Aries: Bright & Fiery Aspirations: These gals make write their own destiny. Known for their leadership skills and literally flying high on their own merit, these fiery balls of women stand out as the brightest of the lots. In-between attending CEO-level meetings, becoming the prime minister of the country and their inherent creativity, they will fill their life and that of their loved ones with a lot of love and prosperity wanting only love in return. These women literally create empires & fiefdoms.

With this gold-plated silver ring with a motif of a bird sitting under jhumkas by Blue Turban which feels like a family mansion will convey to her just how clearly you understand her and all that she cherishes & works hard for.

Taurus: Luxurious pleasures: Taureans love sensuality and touch. A deeply intimate sign, they see the details in every big picture that other people miss out on. Very keen observers, not a thing escapes their attention when it comes to their love. They understand that the god is in the detail. A very generous sign, they love all things beautiful & luxurious. A connoisseur of art & creativity, they are always perfectly turned out with not a stitch out of place.

Take them to operas, art exhibitions & plays or better still give them this gold-plated silver door motif ring with pearl hangings by Blue Turban to open all the doors to her heart.

Cancer: Commitment: Silent water runs deep was perhaps an adage written for a cancerain women. A very sensitive sign, they are very hard working women and appreciate the same ambition and principles in their man. They have the 6th sense to see through & cut through hogwash and straight away spot the most essential bit in their lives, work and love. No pretension is ever needed with her but absolute authenticity is what will get you close to her heart. Say it only if you mean it. And if you give your word, you better be prepared to keep it.

Loves her family and treats them like gods on earth, this one rock solid, gold plated silver embossed ring by Blue Turban spells out commitment to her and sharing of those same values. In her, you have a partner for life who will equal your every step.

Leo: Band Baaja Baarat: Leo women are all about keeping it big. Not one, not two, she will need the whole bandwagon. Deeply passionate creatures, their love for big and beautiful actually comes from being extremely open and intensely loyal in their relationships. They have no secrets and expect the same openness from their man. You have got to woo and serenade this lady love with love sonnets, big declarations of love & something larger than life & yes tons of attention.

This magnificent gold plated silver two-finger-ring with hanging jhumkis by Blue turban will take you all the way with her. Never a dull moment with one!

Libra: The balancing act: One of the most level-headed & balanced signs of the Zodiac, these women are all about balance and equanimity. How to ride your passions without letting them overturn you is that difficult art of balancing which takes people lifetimes to master is something these women are naturally born with. A voice of reason in all situations, these gentle creatures are as strong & speak up for their causes without causing any drama. They stay in the present standing firmly between the past & the future.

To give her this gold-plated silver ring with 2 pearls on either side of Jali work by Blue Turban is a symbol of just that. Effortless poise at all times.

Now that we have deciphered your lady love for you & how to win her heart with just the right bit, go ahead waste no time.Whether you are proposing to her or just making a declaration of your love with a thoughtful gift, we have you completely covered. ‚̧

7 Rocking Jewelry Pieces for Men for 2017 by Blue Turban !

Blue Turban is here with its exclusive collection of Men’s silver Jewelry¬†to rock your new year. With Blue Turban’s gold-plated, silver jewelry lineup of intricately handcrafted buttons and brooches for men, the new year promises to be a stylish game changer.

To surprise you a bit, Indian men have always rocked their Jewelry. Be it in Ramayan, Mahabharat, Harappan Civilisation, our temples, painting, sculptures, gods and even brave mortals from Emperor Ashoka to Tipu Sultan have had a penchant for all things exquisite & have worn it as an insignia of royalty, style, and bravery.

This is where Blue Turban steps in the present times and creates an elegantly curated collection for the contemporary Indian man. It blends traditional with metrosexual and brave with sensitive. It’s time men broke their own shackles too.

Blue Turban‘s gold-plated silver Jewelry collection takes you into the lives of men, occasions to flaunt this panache or the new definition of ‘manliness’ and be remembered as a man with one of a kind style statement.

1. A Wedding party: Now whether it‚Äôs your best friend getting married or your long lost cousin, worn over a bandh gala, this stylish brooch for men is far stronger than an ‘Axe’ magnet. Make sure you are carrying your black book to write down the umpteen wedding proposals coming your way.
To shop, check out this gold-plated, silver men’s brooch by Blue Turban detailed with six hexagons.

2. A formal corporate presentation or dinner with Clients: To a client, you are also an extension of your brand, what you stand for and your beliefs. This exciting brooch shows a man not afraid to be his own self and somebody who wouldn‚Äôt shy away from a chosen & rightful ‚Äėcause‚Äô in life or in work.


To shop, check out this gold-plated, silver men’s brooch by Blue Turban detailed with a charging warrior on a Horse.
3. A Sunday afternoon Polo match: If women can have the predictable polo sun dress or a race track derby hat, here is something extremely customized and on the dot. These polo playing men button are absolutely at home be it on a Racetrack or a polo afternoon. Be reckoned with as somebody who knows his style.
To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed as polo buttons, with men playing polo on Stallions.

4. A fashion show or art event: Give those models and designers a run for their money and turn up dressed impeccably well. In between air-kissing, we must‚Äďdo lunch, Whisky sours and nibbling on the hors d’oeuvre, you are sure to network well and be remembered in an already nattily dressed crowd.


To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed with roaring Lions.

5.School / College Reunion: How do you announce, you have arrived without being a big boastful bore who tries his best to impress all the classmates by recounting his long escapades? You do so by being quiet, thoughtful and a mysterious magnet for all your batch mates by actually caring to ask them about themselves. Let your emblem buttons do the actual talking.
To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed with a vintage coin inscription

6. Clubbing: Be it hanging with your best buds or office friends, bar hopping, lounging or clubbing. On the rocks or neat, over a pair of denim or an open-necked solid linen shirt, bring the old world charm into the new age. Become a man from a boy.
To shop, check out this gold-plated, silver men’s brooch by Blue Turban detailed with a galloping Unicorn.

7. To pop that all important question: When you have met the girls of your dreams and you are sure she will make an honest man out.of you. Be it getting down on your knees or just simply speaking your heart out, not only will the effort that you put into looking good for her go a long way in getting her to say yes but you can be sure that the gods will also be your witness & good luck charm.

To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed with Ramdarbar embossing.
So guys, go be a man, go be you! Blue Turban is here to change all the definitions for you.

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The secret behind the Animal-motif Silver Jewellery by Blue Turban !

The beauty of animal motifs in Jewellery is many-layered. Not only are they a huge rage and tending big these days, these motifs also have deep symbolic meaning traditionally. At Blue Turban we have drawn extensively from nature and animals too as they are considered an extension of nature and said to be bestowed with magical powers and named scared. What is really fascinating is how the attributes of these creatures have been studied by the ‚ÄėKaarigars‚Äô in detail and these very characteristics and quintessence has been imbibed in these gold-plated silver jewelry pieces by Blue Turban.

So it is believed that the wearer will also be bestowed with these inherent traits. As we narrate you the symbolism behind each animal motif, now you know the secret and will know what to choose while picking out your jewelry pieces at Blue turban.

1.¬†Swan : The ‚ÄėVahana‚Äô of Goddess Saraswati and Lord Bramha, these beautiful, gentle creatures foremost represent the creativity, spirituality, and eternal love.ev7c1264These gold-plated, silver swan earrings by Blue Turban detailed in pearls and semi-precious ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† stones bring out the inherent subtlety of love and grace that this placid creature signifies.

2.¬†Fish : The tale of the incarnation of the first avatar of Lord Vishnu called the ‚ÄėMatsya‚Äô ¬† ¬† or the fish is often depicted in Indian arts and Jewelry. It is one of the eight auspicious ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† symbols, signifying abundance, rebirth, and Continuity of life.


These gold-plated, silver earrings by Blue Turban detailed in pearls and semi-precious stones           and the fish carved out in green onyx represent abundance.3. 

3. Lions : The king of the jungle known for its strength has been a symbol of strength, courage, and sovereignty from time immemorial. Regal and stately in appearance, often an insignia of Royalty and clan, the majesty of the lion is undeniable.


These gold-plated, silver Lion buttons by Blue Turban, a set of 7 for men are detailed in semi-precious stones denote valor and royalty.

4. Peacock : Peacock the national bird of India, known to spread its bedecked plumage at the start of the monsoon, praised incessantly in Indian literature, this beautiful bird symbolizes immortality and blossoming of love, beauty, fertility, and resurrection.


These gold-plated, peacock silver earrings by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones and dangling pearl speak of love, beauty, and fertility.

5. Owl : represents the consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu. A creature which can rotate its neck 270 degrees and stay awake at night, it is said to be a knower of all and a very wise being indeed.


This gold-plated, silver brooch of an owl by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones represents deep wisdom.

6. Horse : The ‚ÄėVahana‚Äô of the ‘Surya dev’, or the sun god, horses in Hindu mythology are perhaps most written about creatures. Symbolizing bravery, victory, wisdom, royalty and loyalty, these creatures are as majestic as they are beautiful.


This gold-plated, silver bangles festooned with 3 D horses by Blue Turban represents bravery and royalty.

7. Parrot : In Hindu mythology, the parrot called ‘Suka’ is associated with Lord Kama and Rati, the gods of love. Parrot thus symbolizes fertility and desire.


This gold-plated, silver bangle in Jaali work and parrots motif by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones, pearls, and Jaali work represents auspiciousness and marital happiness.

8. Elephants :stand for strength, visibility, calmness, and gentleness. In mythology, Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles is shown as an elephant. The bringer of prosperity is linked to royalty, power, might, abundance, richness, and fertility.


These gold-plated, silver ear cuffs of elephant motifs on textured triangles detailed in semi-precious stones, represent strength, royalty, and wisdom.

9. Camel : A symbol of the Thar desert and Rajasthan , these wonderful creatures store water in their humps and can go on without water for a considerably long time. They have been known to be gentle creatures, very loyal they symbolize perseverance and endurance.


 This gold-plated, silver buttons (a set of 7) depicting the camel represents endurance and luck.

 10. Unicorn : Not found in the Hindu mythology, this new entrant described graphically in Harappan seals, greek fairytales, and folklores of the west depicts, purity, innocence, magic, and wishes.


 This gold-plated, silver brooch depicting the unicorn detailed in semi-precious stones represents magical power, benevolence, purity and manifesting desires.

 So take your pick guys, wear it as a totem of luck or to make a statement, these beautifully handcrafted pieces of jewellery come with their added bit of magic.

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