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5 Nature Inspired Jewellery Pieces by Blue Turban That Will Make You Want To Shop Now

There are millions of way to protect and celebrate nature, and one of them is to get inspired by them or even wear them on your skin to realize their beauty in this world. Keeping this in mind, we designed some pieces that are inspired by nature and ts beauty and greenness at its best, here are some of them for you to grab right now !

  1. Lotus Bangle

    Symbolic of purity of speech and mind, lotus is the National Flower of India ! Inspired by its beauty & integrity, this bangle has been designed with lotus motifs as the most important elements as a tribute to our national flower that can be worn around the wrist forever :)

    2. Flowers in the feet
    Anklets are traditional, bold and tell everyone beforehand that you are making your entry now 😉 And when these anklets are laced with delicate flowers, it makes you feel closer to the mother earth and nature 🙂

    3. Smell the greens

    This is close to nature as your sense of smell can get ;)

    4.  The Ring of Green

    This looks like these two little birds are protecting our green planet isn’t it? Don’t you want to adorn these adorable beings right away !!

    5. Dear Ear

    Hello ears, would you mind if I place two gorgeous floral stud earrings on you ? I know you would love them.

    Happy World Environment Day 🙂

Style Your Mother with Blue Turban Jewellery!

Mother’s day is right here and there is no denying about the anxiety that we all have regarding making it the best Mother’s Day for your mom. Your mother is there for everything, right from taking care of what we eat, how we dress or to giving advice on everything about your life. So this Mother’s Day, let’s take charge of little things that makes her happy and gift her something that she will cherish forever.

From Blue Turban’s recently launched New Collection, we have selected few Jewellery pieces which she is going to love as it’s beautiful, precious, and no doubt it is something that she will treasure for a lifetime.

Let us be your guide and we will take you through the options that you can choose from a wide variety of jewellery available at Blue Turban for your loveable, outgoing and vivacious mother.  The varied options at Blue Turban will definitely give you enough choices to select ultimate Silver Jewellery pieces for your mother that she can wear on various occasions. Here we go-

1.) Style her when she is at work– If your mother is working and she has an active professional life, add bling to her professional outfit also with this beautiful Gold plated silver earrings with elephants on either side and line texture. This will surely add bling to her entire attire , be it western or Indian, it goes alike. Additionally this design also adds grace to her professional attitude.

Price- Rs. 6770

Dimensionslength : 4.5cm, width : 4.3cm
Item Code: SWE0046

To shop, click on

06 A.jpg
Gold plated silver earrings texture-Dimensionslength : 4.5cm, width : 4.3cm
Item Code: SWE0046tion

2.) Style her for Kitty parties – If your mother is the one hosting a party for her friends, she sure needs to stand out among the whole group. For your mother who loves wearing saree, style her with chabi chhalla, which is to be inserted just at the edge of the pleats. This beautiful silver keychain with textured triangle motifs and chains with ghunghroo adds charm to the ethnic attire. This is sure to make her popular among her kitty partners.

Price- Rs. 9060

Dimensionslength : 12.6cm, width : 5.8cm

Item Code: SWK0004

To shop, click-

19 B
Blue Turban Silver keychain  Dimensionslength : 12.6cm, width : 5.8cm
Item Code: SWK0004


3.) Style her when she is attending a Wedding – Jewellery is to weddings what oxygen is to human race. One can’t go without another. To complement her ethnic wear, you can order this enticing yet traditional Gold plated silver maangteeka with floral chitai and parrot motifs from Blue Turban. The design speaks of tradition, culture and heritage and is a must have for her ethnic wear wardrobe.

Price-Rs. 9420

Dimensionslength : 12.6cm, width : 5.8cm
Item Code: SWT0011

To shop, click-

12 A.jpg
Gold plated silver maangteeka from Blue Turban
Dimensionslength : 12.6cm, width : 5.8cm
Item Code: SWT0011on

4.) Style her for Cocktail Party– Choosing a trendy piece of jewellery for cocktails parties, which is subtle yet stylish, usually becomes a tough task. If you are looking for a jewelelry piece to go with her evening dress, we suggest this charming Gold plated silver two finger ring with old door motif and leaf sillouette by Blue Turban.  This chic piece will add panache to her attire.

Price- Rs. 3150

Dimensionslength : 5.5cm

Item Code: SWR0012

To shop, click-

16 B.jpg
Blue Turban- Gold Plated silver two finger ring 
Dimensionslength : 5.5cm
Item Code: SWR0012

5.) Style her for Casual Outing with Friends – If you are looking for a statement piece for your mom, which she can wear at any time for any casual outing, then you can choose a chic earring from Blue Turban’s collection. This Gold plated silver earrings with triangular motifs and long chains hanging shall be the best choice in this case. The design will bring effortlessness and cool yet trendy charm to the person who wears it.

Price- Rs. 6610

Dimensionslength : 11.5cm, width : 5.3cm
Item Code: SWE0044

To shop, click-

03 A.jpg
Blue Turban- Gold palted silver earrings
Dimensionslength : 11.5cm, width : 5.3cm
Item Code: SWE0044n

6.) Style her for Religious Functions– There are many a times in our daily lives when your mother steps out to participate in some religious function of family and friends. This is the time when she needs to dress up the way our tradition requires. Toe rings or bichua are considered as the important part of jewelry. This particular Gold plated silver toe ring with guccha ghunghroo puwai is perfect for the traditional yet trendy look.

Price- Rs. 3420

Dimensionslength : 12.6cm, width : 5.8cm
Item Code: SWTR0002

To shop, click-

15 A.jpg
Gold plated silver toe ring by Blue Turban
Dimensionslength : 12.6cm, width : 5.8cm
Item Code: SWTR0002

Apart from these beautiful pieces you can also choose beautiful Nose rings, anklets and rings from our collection depending upon occasions and your personal style. Hope we will be able to add some bling on this mother’s day for you.

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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