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6 Jewellery Pieces You Can Gift Your Dad This Father’s Day

To surprise you a bit, Indian men have always rocked their Jewelry. Be it in Ramayan, Mahabharat, Harappan Civilisation, our temples, painting, sculptures, gods and even brave mortals from Emperor Ashoka to Tipu Sultan have had a penchant for all things exquisite & have worn it as an insignia of royalty, style, and bravery.

So this Father’s Day, surprise your Dad with jewellery collection by Blue Turban and be remembered for having gifted him a piece that will stay with him forever.

1. For A Wedding party: Whether worn over a bandh gala, this stylish brooch for men is far stronger than an ‘Axe’ magnet.

To shop, check out this gold-plated, silver men’s brooch by Blue Turban detailed with six hexagons.

2. A formal corporate presentation or dinner with Clients: To a client, you are also an extension of your brand, what you stand for and your beliefs. This exciting brooch shows a man not afraid to be his own self and somebody who wouldn’t shy away from a chosen & rightful ‘cause’ in life or in work.


To shop, check out this gold-plated, silver men’s brooch by Blue Turban detailed with a charging warrior on a Horse.
3. A Sunday afternoon Polo match: If women can have the predictable polo sun dress or a race track derby hat, here is something extremely customized for your Dad and on the dot. These polo playing men button are absolutely at home be it on a Racetrack or a polo afternoon.

To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed as polo buttons, with men playing polo on Stallions.

4. A fashion show or art event: These lion buttons are sure to give your father a rather wild look which he might completely enjoy.


To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed with roaring Lions.

5.School / College Reunion:  Let your emblem buttons do the actual talking for your Dad when he meets his friend after a long time.

To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed with a vintage coin inscription

6. Clubbing: Be it hanging with his best buds or office friends, bar hopping, lounging or clubbing. On the rocks or neat, over a pair of denim or an open-necked solid linen shirt, bring the old world charm into the new age. Become a man from a boy by gifting your Dad this elegant piece.

To shop, check out this gold-plated, silver men’s brooch by Blue Turban detailed with a gallopingUnicorn.

To shop, check out these gold-plated, silver men’s buttons, a set of 7 by Blue Turban detailed with Ramdarbar embossing.
So guys, go be a man, go be you! Blue Turban is here to change all the definitions for you.

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5 Nature Inspired Jewellery Pieces by Blue Turban That Will Make You Want To Shop Now

There are millions of way to protect and celebrate nature, and one of them is to get inspired by them or even wear them on your skin to realize their beauty in this world. Keeping this in mind, we designed some pieces that are inspired by nature and ts beauty and greenness at its best, here are some of them for you to grab right now !

  1. Lotus Bangle

    Symbolic of purity of speech and mind, lotus is the National Flower of India ! Inspired by its beauty & integrity, this bangle has been designed with lotus motifs as the most important elements as a tribute to our national flower that can be worn around the wrist forever :)

    2. Flowers in the feet
    Anklets are traditional, bold and tell everyone beforehand that you are making your entry now 😉 And when these anklets are laced with delicate flowers, it makes you feel closer to the mother earth and nature 🙂

    3. Smell the greens

    This is close to nature as your sense of smell can get ;)

    4.  The Ring of Green

    This looks like these two little birds are protecting our green planet isn’t it? Don’t you want to adorn these adorable beings right away !!

    5. Dear Ear

    Hello ears, would you mind if I place two gorgeous floral stud earrings on you ? I know you would love them.

    Happy World Environment Day 🙂

Shimmer the Summer with Mix & Match Style at Blue Turban

Summers are here and the best thing that gets us through the soaring temperature and unbearable heat is our tryst with fashion in this season ! Let us admit that there is no season that allows us to play with style, colors, fashion and jewellery like summers. So let’s begin our game as Blue Turban brings to you some trendy mix and match ideas to shimmer the summer 🙂

Casual Lunch

It’s a regular afternoon and you have planned a lunch with your long lost friend or the one in town you need to catch up with. No problem ! Just put on a breezy floral dress and pair it up with these animal-motif silver fish earrings and you are ready to look stylish with the minimum effort.

Buy now

Shopping Spree

You need more clothes, more shoes and you want to head out for a shopping spree on a beautiful day. Confused as to what to wear ? Pull out the mustard off shoulder with comfy striped trousers and style it perfectly with the trendy silver choker by Blue Turban.

Shop now

We will be bringing in shimmery summer jewellery trends to keep your days brighter. Follow us on Facebook – and browse through more designs by visiting !

Silver Jewellery by Blue Turban Dazzles at Amazon India Fashion Week 2017

A week that the world was looking out for, couture that fashionistas craved to behold, and trends that wearers were waiting to follow, they all appeared at Amazon India Fashion Week 2017. Held in the second week of March in New Delhi, AIFW sizzled with the gorgeous collections by leading designers of India paired up beautifully with jewellery of all kinds. One of the leading jewellery brands to complement the couture at AIFW was Blue Turban by Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers. While some flaunted their jewels on the ramp, some rocked the silver jewellery with the eccentric contemporary ensembles off the ramp as well.

Silver Bangle by Blue Turban @AIFW2017
Fashion blogger Swati Sharma flaunting the gold plated silver long earrings with peacock ending jhumka at AIFW 2017
Fashion blogger Swati Sharma flaunting the gold plated silver long earrings with peacock ending jhumka at AIFW 2017
Gold plated silver jewellery by Blue Turban
Gold plated silver ear cuffs with silver cuff bangle complementing the grey and yellow attire at AIFWAW 2017


The lotus cut choker by Blue Turban worn by fashion blogger Swati Sharma at Amazon India Fashion Week
Gold plated jewellery by Blue Turban with trench coat at Amazon India Fashion Week 2017
Gold plated jewellery by Blue Turban looking gorgeous with trench coat at Amazon India Fashion Week 2017

Don’t you absolutely love the Indo-Western style ?

To shop for these exclusive silver jewellery pieces and more, visit


6 kinds of Jewellery for 6 Different sides of You


Women across the world are celebrated as power and strength; It’s that time when you are challenging the status quo with your revolutionary ideas. Your beauty is not just confined to be celebrated on one day, but there’s no harm to take a little time out on the International Women’s Day and celebrate yourself 😉  At Blue Turban, we understand your taste and today we are presenting 6 different kinds of jewellery for the 6 different sides of you:

  1. Traditional Woman

    Closely attached with your roots, you know how to respect the values. Even as you take great strides in life, you are firmly grounded. Divulge your ease for traditions on the festivals with these delicately designed gold plated jewels embellished with pearls and gemstones in pure silver at Blue Turban.


  2. The new age Bride

    You’ve broken the stereotypes yet think of standing true to the traditional cultural ceremonies of “Saat Phere”. For the Diva during her wedding ceremonies who likes to experiment and ventures out into unconventional ways of looking gorgeous, these eccentric jewels are hard to resist!



  3. Party Lover

    You’re the life of the party. With your vivacious and charming spirit around, there’s never a dull moment for the ones with you. This glamorous range of party jewellery at Blue Turban is designed to ensure that all eyes should stop on you the entire evening.


  4. The Traveling feet

    You are always ready to travel new horizons; a free bird! You are unstoppable and this piece of jewel is specially designed to add sparkling touch to your adventurous travel stories!


  1. The Super woman at Work

    You’ve aced the art of balancing between those emails and laundries!  For the ever subtle, elegant and in every way stylish side of you, these gold plated spiral earrings and studs in pure silver are a perfect pick to declare a fashion statement at workplace.



  2. College teen

    You are stepping into a new world of freedom and ready to touch the sky! For the slightly nervous yet very confident, on what she wants, girl in you, Blue Turban presents the beautiful range of earring studs and the lotus choker in pure silver with the dash of refreshing colors. Go explore new world!



6 Jewellery Pieces You Can Gift To The Newlyweds This Wedding Season

‘Remember that bold ring you wore to that wedding last month ? I loved it !’ If you have ever heard a sentence like that, you will know that people notice your jewellery more than you think they do. And well, they love it as much. So how about surprising someone on their most special day with a piece of silver jewellery that they cherish forever ? This wedding season, choose your gift wisely and to help you do that, we got a few options here 🙂

  1. Beautiful Bangles
    In India, a newly wed bride is specially distinguished by the red bangles she wears during and for a few months after her wedding. But very often, she needs some of her own style statement to make midst those mandatory bangles. Enter the gold plated silver bangles with motifs that spell wildness, nature and rarity such as these ones by Blue Turban.


  2. Big & Bold Maang tikka or Passa

    It’s been said and established that a bridal look is replete only when a traditional head ornament adorns her and inflicts a protective shield of calmness on her forehead and gives her the strength to embrace her new life. Philosophy aside, a head ornament looks stunning on a wedding day as well as in a thousand occasions that follow it. It might be for a mehendi ceremony of someone in her family or a wedding that is coming up, with your wise gift, she will save some effort and thank you for this wonderful gesture 😉


  3. Wild Brooches 

    Jewellery is mostly associated with women, but it’s also the men who love to flaunt it. The only secret to it is keeping it minimal. Remember the hindi movie ‘Hum Aapke Hai kaun’ where Madhuri Dikshit pins a brooch on to Salman Khan’s coat and he looks totally dapper after that ? The fashion is back and you better gift the groom something wild and yet elegant, where will you find that crazy combo ?  In this dreamy gold plated silver unicorn brooch by Blue Turban.


  4. Breezy Buttons

    If at all he likes to button up, the groom will have a gala time grooming and pampering his monochrome suit or a dashing Jodhpuri coat with some funky & wild buttons rather than the boring classics. Check out this silver gold plated lion button that is perfect for a wedding gift –

  5. Delicate Anklet

    Old school and associated with royalty, an anklet has also made its way back into fashion. However, for a newly wed bride to don an anklet, it has to be a bold traditional one that she can jingle whenever she is walking or even moving her feet around the house and feel like a princess of royal times 😉


  6. Feel-good Earrings

    Earrings are something that every girl adores and secretly dreams of having a separate closet for. Dangling, chandelier, chandbalis, studs, everthing is most welcome especially when it’s a wedding gift because who will not love to flaunt their new earrings with every new outfit after the wedding is over 😉 🙂


7 awesome benefits of wearing Jewelry

One of the most interesting things about India has been how it incorporated science into everyday living, religious practices, and even food habits. Be it Ayurveda or Unani, they have seamlessly blended into our lives as everyday practices and rituals.
Same is the case with Jewelry, it’s not merely for adornment. Every piece of jewelry corresponds to an acupressure point or energy Chakras in the body, thereby keeping overall balance and wellness in the body of the wearer. While pure silver jewelry connects one to earth energy and cools the body down, gold jewelry directly connects to the higher aura, energy, and vibration.
In Ayurveda in certain ailments, one is prescribed gold or silver bhasma in case the body is deficient. Wearing these beautiful and precious metals also takes care of body immunity to quite an extent.
In the case of Gold-plated silver jewelry, one gets the benefit of both. The extensive and beautiful designs which in pure gold become unaffordable are intricately and ornately detailed in silver craftsmanship.Also, the gold plating keep the luster and brightness of the Jewelry ever new which in case of silver jewelry dulls over time and needs constant repolishing
We will now take you into the wonderful world of jewelry pieces we adorn ourselves with and the incredible scientific health benefits of wearing them.
1. Maangteeka: This piece of jewelry corresponds to the location of Ajna Chakra/ Third eye Chakra in the body and keeps the mind tranquil, cool and calm.


This gold-plated, silver Maangteeka by Blue Turban have been detailed with embossed ghungroo beads.

2. Earring: The acupressure point at the lower end of the ear is for increasing memory, the mid part for increasing hearing power and the top part regularizes female hormones along with increasing intelligence.


These gold-plated, silver square earrings by Blue Turban have been detailed with Taweez Chain.

3. Nose Ring: This acupressure point and thus the jewelry increase fertility in women as the nerves from this point of the nose are attached to the female reproductive organ. It is also said to ease childbirth.


This gold-plated, silver nose ring or ‘nath’ by Blue Turban has been detailed with hanging Jhumkas and Chand.

4. Necklace: This affects the Vishhudhi or throat Chakra and Anahata or Heart Chakra and thus increases confidence and compassion of the wearer. It also strengthens the spine.


This gold-plated, silver ‘Hansli’ necklace by Blue Turban have been detailed in lotus Jaali.

5. Bangle: Wearing bangles increases blood circulation, improves fertility, lowers anger, & chances of getting heart diseases. It generates positive, uplifting sound & energy and the circular shape of the bangle doesn’t let this energy escape and keeps it with the wearer.


This gold-plated, silver bangles by Blue Turban have been detailed in 3D festooned horses.

6. Ring: The small finger acupressure point relieves stress and ring finger is for love and confidence.


This gold-plated, silver ring by Blue Turban have been detailed in exquisite embossing and hanging Ghungroos.

7. Anklet: wearing Anklets improve the womb, reproductive system, stomach, liver, and the feet.


These gold-plated, silver anklets earrings by Blue Turban have been detailed in red floral motifs and pearl droplets.

Beauty with benefits! Now you know, ornaments not only adorn and enhance your natural appeal but also help in overall wellbeing and health. So go wear it to your heart’s content. This is an awesome excuse indeed. 😀

The secret behind the Animal-motif Silver Jewellery by Blue Turban !

The beauty of animal motifs in Jewellery is many-layered. Not only are they a huge rage and tending big these days, these motifs also have deep symbolic meaning traditionally. At Blue Turban we have drawn extensively from nature and animals too as they are considered an extension of nature and said to be bestowed with magical powers and named scared. What is really fascinating is how the attributes of these creatures have been studied by the ‘Kaarigars’ in detail and these very characteristics and quintessence has been imbibed in these gold-plated silver jewelry pieces by Blue Turban.

So it is believed that the wearer will also be bestowed with these inherent traits. As we narrate you the symbolism behind each animal motif, now you know the secret and will know what to choose while picking out your jewelry pieces at Blue turban.

1. Swan : The ‘Vahana’ of Goddess Saraswati and Lord Bramha, these beautiful, gentle creatures foremost represent the creativity, spirituality, and eternal love.ev7c1264These gold-plated, silver swan earrings by Blue Turban detailed in pearls and semi-precious             stones bring out the inherent subtlety of love and grace that this placid creature signifies.

2. Fish : The tale of the incarnation of the first avatar of Lord Vishnu called the ‘Matsya’     or the fish is often depicted in Indian arts and Jewelry. It is one of the eight auspicious         symbols, signifying abundance, rebirth, and Continuity of life.


These gold-plated, silver earrings by Blue Turban detailed in pearls and semi-precious stones           and the fish carved out in green onyx represent abundance.3. 

3. Lions : The king of the jungle known for its strength has been a symbol of strength, courage, and sovereignty from time immemorial. Regal and stately in appearance, often an insignia of Royalty and clan, the majesty of the lion is undeniable.


These gold-plated, silver Lion buttons by Blue Turban, a set of 7 for men are detailed in semi-precious stones denote valor and royalty.

4. Peacock : Peacock the national bird of India, known to spread its bedecked plumage at the start of the monsoon, praised incessantly in Indian literature, this beautiful bird symbolizes immortality and blossoming of love, beauty, fertility, and resurrection.


These gold-plated, peacock silver earrings by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones and dangling pearl speak of love, beauty, and fertility.

5. Owl : represents the consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu. A creature which can rotate its neck 270 degrees and stay awake at night, it is said to be a knower of all and a very wise being indeed.


This gold-plated, silver brooch of an owl by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones represents deep wisdom.

6. Horse : The ‘Vahana’ of the ‘Surya dev’, or the sun god, horses in Hindu mythology are perhaps most written about creatures. Symbolizing bravery, victory, wisdom, royalty and loyalty, these creatures are as majestic as they are beautiful.


This gold-plated, silver bangles festooned with 3 D horses by Blue Turban represents bravery and royalty.

7. Parrot : In Hindu mythology, the parrot called ‘Suka’ is associated with Lord Kama and Rati, the gods of love. Parrot thus symbolizes fertility and desire.


This gold-plated, silver bangle in Jaali work and parrots motif by Blue Turban detailed in semi-precious stones, pearls, and Jaali work represents auspiciousness and marital happiness.

8. Elephants :stand for strength, visibility, calmness, and gentleness. In mythology, Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles is shown as an elephant. The bringer of prosperity is linked to royalty, power, might, abundance, richness, and fertility.


These gold-plated, silver ear cuffs of elephant motifs on textured triangles detailed in semi-precious stones, represent strength, royalty, and wisdom.

9. Camel : A symbol of the Thar desert and Rajasthan , these wonderful creatures store water in their humps and can go on without water for a considerably long time. They have been known to be gentle creatures, very loyal they symbolize perseverance and endurance.


 This gold-plated, silver buttons (a set of 7) depicting the camel represents endurance and luck.

 10. Unicorn : Not found in the Hindu mythology, this new entrant described graphically in Harappan seals, greek fairytales, and folklores of the west depicts, purity, innocence, magic, and wishes.


 This gold-plated, silver brooch depicting the unicorn detailed in semi-precious stones represents magical power, benevolence, purity and manifesting desires.

 So take your pick guys, wear it as a totem of luck or to make a statement, these beautifully handcrafted pieces of jewellery come with their added bit of magic.

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